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A kind reminder to please get in touch prior to saving/using any of this art for your own application (personal or business).


Vintage Geo

Jumping back to the good 'ole days of Nick-at-Nite, when things were a little more simple and shapes were a little more bold.

patch/The jeffersons

patch/Lilly tomlin

patch/the brady's

ribbon/pulp fiction


patch/light snap pop

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing like a good eye-spy. Flip, repeat and voila, your ordinary, everyday objects, hidden right before your eyes!

ribbon/dark snap pop

ribbon/wheels go around

ribbon/sew & smoke



Local Pride

Each and every community is built on a foundation.

Cape Cod, 413 sq. miles with area code 508, where I was raised and currently reside, caters to a strong tourist season. In order for that to happen, there are the people behind-the-scenes...our community. We are a community of scientists, growing musicians, hard-working families, artists, and evolving small businesses.

patch/508 light

patch/508 dark

ribbon/508 light


patch/light edible backyard

Wild Gardens

Growing, planting, cooking, sharing the fruits of my labor of love with others and ultimately eating from the land...a passion and hobby.


patch/dark edible backyard


Geo Funk

Inspired by old-school funk music and the influence that genre of music had on society. The signage, patterns in textiles and home decor is stronger than people realize.

Get up and move, step outside the box and groove!

patch/orange hex geo

patch/light hex geo

ribbon/dark hex geo