Why and what is a “Mandala”?

A Mandala has many meanings…

In Sanskrit the term means “circle” or “discoid object”. This object can be expressed in two ways: externally, as visual representation and internally, as a guide to psychophysical practices…some of which include meditation.

In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, they are considered to be objects of devotion. The Mandala has very few limitations as to its “appropriate” place and time, meaning they can be applied to stones, cloth, wood, walls, etc. Some cultures even find the evolution and intricacies of Mandala designs to be the foundation of architectural structures, even temples.

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A beautiful marriage of function and sacred geometry.
— J. Elizabeth

Design and Creation

The beauty in creating Mandalas is the precision and attention to detail that coincide to form, in essence, a “story board of devotion”. Mandala’s are usually comprised of geometric shapes that have, over centuries, evolved into symbolic meaning. The meanings represent different things to different cultures.

The evolution of the various “layers” of the Mandala and the shapes within the layers represent a quality, characteristic ,or detail, surrounding the ring(s) that lie within that ring. Just like the foundation of your website, all the elements of the site need to be organized, formed and implemented at specific times and for specific reason, right? See the correlation? 

Use of Mandala’s

Mandala’s were and are used by those seeking to create a “dialogue” that allows fluid movement from one ring to the next, which holds further information and related components to the main focus. Traditionally this would be a symbol, or deity, but in this case, your business/brand or concept is the focus. Once reaching the center, the main focus, the “practitioner” is then able to achieve a much closer sense of enlightenment…a.k.a getting the full picture.