Long live the logo!

An excerpt from a great article on how logo's are still just as important as they used to be...

"In the past, logos only had to look good in print. Today, brands exist on dozens of platforms, many of which are very small, like smartphones. This logistical challenge has limited what designers can do. Sixty years ago, the Met probably only needed to emblazon its logo on signs, admission buttons, and printed ephemera. Today, its logo is on mobile apps, the favicon on desktop web-browsing tabs, Twitter avatars, and elsewhere. Efficiency matters more than flourish, adaptability more than cleverness. One has to wonder if the FedEx logo, with its sly arrow hidden in the word mark, would be invented nowadays, at a time when logos have to be legible on screens as small as a watch face.

So branding agencies have adapted. "We're still holding up the logo as the ace of a rebrand or restructure," says Jim Bull, cofounder and chief creative officer of Moving Brands, a global creative company that counts Sony, Google, and Netflix, among others, as clients. "It is important, but there's so much more—the color, the system, the tone of voice—and then we're getting into the product."

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