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The Branding Mandala

Beginning the "re-branding" process is done by creating your "Branding Mandala". This geometric graphic beautifully displays a combination of patterns and colors to represent different elements that make your business, your product, your service, what it is. It's a way to develop the foundation for me to create your logo, as well as a cool, and visually appealing, tool for your use in all future marketing decisions! If you're curious what brands I've developed, feel free to take a look here!


Logos • Print • Web Presence

Design needs are endless. Just because you may not have a company or business of your own, doesn't mean you shouldn't work with a designer. I am a creative mind, not just one that clicks and types in front of the computer all day to make pretty shapes. Sometimes it may be print based, sometimes it may be graphics strictly for the web, either way visual organization needs to be used in order to successfully capture the audience!


Print • Web • Social Media

So you now have this great brand, marketing piece, or what? It's time to shout it from the roof tops! In this modern day there are so many outlets in which you can share your presence, what you are offering, what you stand for, with the rest of the world and I am here to support that journey. Allow yourself the opportunity to be most effective with your brand, letting it reach its highest potential and working for you by working together to develop the best solutions for you!