Brand your e-mails!


So, let's start here.

Private e-mail hosting is virtually branding your e-mail. This may seem insignificant, but this is SO much bigger than “just e-mail”.

It really is about building the credibility and branding of your business in the community and demographic of that you're targeting. If you don't already know, that the number one thing I stress is the parallel of your brand appearance and it's significance in being the first impression to the public. 

It’s as simple as this...

Which doctor would you choose to contact if given the following two e-mails?

  1. or…

Studies have calculated that approx. 92% of small business feel that branding their e-mail address allows their business to appear more credible to current and potential customers.

Uhhh, that's no brainer than, right? Here's the breakdown...

Branded vs. Non-branded


  • Branded E-Mail = established, professional, successful and solidarity that you are stickin’ around.
  • Non-branded E-mail = projects inexperience, non-professionalism, lack of commitment to your business


  • Branded E-mail = “corporate image” or established business practices, which will cancel out hesitations of compensating you fairly for work/services completed. Side note - having multiple e-mail addresses, identifying different sections or departments of your business (i.e or support the "established" appearance we are striving for.
  • Non-branded E-mail = new, small, part-time


Scam artists do exist, we all know that. Hopefully you never have to deal with one. That being said, how comfortable would you be e-mailing any personal info to

Now, would you feel any more confident if you e-mailed that same info to

Yeah, me too. That branded e-mail provides security and assurance!


  • Setting up branded e-mail addresses are pretty painless…and costs very little! It usually is setup through a domain provider (preferably the one you have your domain name setup with), or web hosting company. If you don’t have a domain for your business, even if you don’t have a website built yet, you really should register one to assure you have it when you want to move forward with a website.
  • Marketing resources may require it
    - Some marketing software and online services will not work unless using a branded e-mail address. i.e MailChimp, or the like.


If nothing else, go away with this...

  • Every time you send an e-mail out from your branded e-mail address, you are marketing, promoting and advertising yourself and the business…not Gmail or Yahoo, etc. So, if you think that having a fancy branded e-mail address is for the “big guys”, you’re wrong. It's for all business's and even more important for the smaller ones!

For help, or questions, setting up your branded e-mail address/hosting accounts, please feel free to get in touch! We will walk you through the process and available options step-by-step to find the perfect fit for you.


Hannah Seaman

When working on writing my own "artistic recipes", I enjoy the challange of making something that may not have been quite successful in the past - much more fresh, cohesive and reliable! Studio Seamonster delves into projects of all types! Let's pick up a project where its' left off, or start "cooking from scratch"!