Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail!

Ha! Good question! There are SO many tiny components to a design job I feel aren't even worth mentioning. Why? They'll be done in two shakes of a lamb's tail (I'm not from Europe, but I do love Pulp Fiction)!


Once we make a connection with a time to meet up, we both have our homework to do. I do industry/project research and you bring all material* to the table. 


I create a recipe for the criteria of the project in order for my focus to be rich and forward thinking in creating the best foundation for design.


After the strategy is established, I will start to do some serious doodles. Serious doodles are drafted ideas, or jumping off points, that are shared with you for your creative input.


Based on your reactions from the initial doodles, I then stick the spoon in the peanut butter a little bit deeper. Swirl it around a bit and elaborate on the ideas from the DOODLE-UP for another round of reactions!


Hell, options can be a very good thing....or not so much. That's another reason I am in the picture, you just can't make any damn decisions. Therefore, I take all that is "fully cooked" and turn it into viable snacks that are, essentially, ready to serve. By material, I mean doodles on a soggy cocktail napkin, Pinterest photo, color chip from the hardware store, piece of fabric from your office, the office mascot (usually a dog), a business card you DON'T like, get the idea.


Hannah Seaman

When working on writing my own "artistic recipes", I enjoy the challange of making something that may not have been quite successful in the past - much more fresh, cohesive and reliable! Studio Seamonster delves into projects of all types! Let's pick up a project where its' left off, or start "cooking from scratch"!