MUST HAVE components to build your brand!

Due to the fact that most researching, fact checking and first impressions are done online, you don't want to risk being "scrolled over"!

So, if you're brand is established, make sure you're all set with the list below. If not, reach out to someone that can do it for you, or heck, gimme a shout. Afterall, that's what I'm hear for! As part of my Biz-Startup Package, all the items in this list are standard.

1. Your LOGO

Multiple file types/formats of your logo to accomodate print and web


The little image/profile pic that is shown next to a screen name on a social media site

3. Facebook COVER IMAGE

The banner graphic that sits behind your profile pic. and spans the width of the page.

4. Twitter COVER IMAGE

Pretty much the same thing as a Facebook cover image.

5. Newsletter HEADER

For e-blast/virtual newsletter's. Think of this like the header on stationary.

6. Web AD

If applicable, of course. A small graphic that meets the required dimensions and layout for the location online.


If applicable. Watermark image representative of your brand or logo to place on top of images should someone want to use them without obtaining the proper rights to use.


Hannah Seaman

When working on writing my own "artistic recipes", I enjoy the challange of making something that may not have been quite successful in the past - much more fresh, cohesive and reliable! Studio Seamonster delves into projects of all types! Let's pick up a project where its' left off, or start "cooking from scratch"!