Blogging, Shmogging. What do I post!?

Why your blog should be important to you...

Before anything else, there are two things to keep in mind.

1. This (your blog) is space for you to have a little fun and enjoy some freedom. People expect for it to be written with a voice and possible humor, or levity.
2. In order to really see your blog working for you, you need to sit yourself down and dedicate 3-4 hours, once or twice a month, to correlate posting ideas, post material and actually write the posts themselves. Make life easier and "schedule" the blog posting's to post themselves so you don't have to.

KEY TAKEAWAY: The more you post = the more you will attract = the higher you rank in SE (search engine) result pages.

Rules for you post(s) are at the bottom. Don't miss'm!

TEXT CONTENT >> blog ideas

1. Explain “WHY”

Explain WHY the product should be of interest to your potential reader/consumer. Not WHAT the product is.

“People buy ‘why’, not ‘what’. The ‘what’ definitely matters, but the ‘why’ always comes first and is a more powerful motivator. So the question you need to answer with your product marketing is “Why does your product matter to your potential customers?”

What need or aspiration does your product meet? Why did you decide to make or sell it in the first place? Your product story is about why it exists and why it matters. Effective marketing answers these questions by showing people why they need your product.

2. Answer Industry Questions

Use customer questions that you are presented with to elaborate on and possibly tie in a product to support that answer/elaboration, which in turn will also help add value to the product to sell it.

Pssst! Don’t forget to add a link to the actual product in your online store within the article, silly!

3. Feedback on Products/Services

Write a post about a new or upcoming product/service you will be offering! There are two great ways this will impact your customer(s).

  • One, it will build up some excitement with your clients/customers of this “new product”.
    • They will feel a sense of authority in seeing the product/promo before it is actually established. Which, quite often leads to social media “sharing”.
  • Two, it will result in an engagement increase.
    • Let’s face it, people love honesty via first-hand accounts. Even if it is a product/service or product/service option you aren’t sure you want to carry/offer, consider “floating” it to request feedback! Make your customer(s) work for you!

VISUAL CONTENT >> blog ideas

1. Highlight & Show off

Include an image/graphic/product highlight in your post(s). But, make sure it is of good quality. If the image is at all “fuzzy” or isn’t an accurate representation to support the rest of the blog post content, that client is going to hit the!

Consumer study suggests “92.6% said that ‘Visuals were the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision” (adopted from an industry article)

Oh! Don’t forget to include a link to the product/service page (if applicable). 

2. Visual “How-to”

How many times do you get asked “Sooo, how do you put this one together?” or “What’s the trick to this?”. Well, here’s your chance to answer this question for the masses, PLUS attract more to your website. After you post a “how-to”, the next time someone asks that very question, give them a little something to hold onto and then direct them to the post on your website/blog. It will likely lead to them browsing around after reading the article that answers their question! Sneaky!

So, the easiest way to post a “How-To”, is to take a single photo of the product(s), mid-assembly, at each integral step of the process. If you can take the photo(s) so the background is pretty consistent from image to image, that is best. That way, the viewer has one less variable, visually, to keep track of when looking for changes in the next “step”. Unless you’re assembling an aircraft carrier, in which case that would be a little tough.

3. Event Documentation

Everyone loves to see the “happenings” of an event that they either missed, or attended and want to re-live the moment! Don’t stress, just have staff in charge of capturing the event with the mindset that they are a “journalist”. Even if it is only using a camera phone, as long as it documents the highlights of the event, that’s all that matters!

For better customer engagement, you can request that they submit any event photos directly to you and get mentioned if their photos get posted! A fun way for people to interact, especially if they are on the shy side.

Don’t forget to be sensitive of any pics that contain minors (industry and content dependent).


Add keywords to images.

Google doesn’t see images…it sees words. Check out this helpful infographic on Seniors Ignite about how to make sure your images are optimized for Google.

Add keywords to titles.

If you are targeting seniors from a certain high school, and you post a shoot with a senior from that school make sure it’s in the title. Sometimes it doesn’t make the most sense, so use the handy SEO title field below your post provided by the SEO plug-in suggested above.

Add keywords to the body.

Make sure you include the target of the post in the post itself. Using the above example, add the words “senior pictures,” “North High School,” etc.

Add keywords to headlines.

WordPress includes this handy “format” drop down that allows you tag lines as headlines (which will show up bolded in larger font size). The headline 1 and 2 are the most important tags.