Your logo is an extension of your business. It's a placeholder for you, when you can't be there. It should encompass all your idea or business is about. Let's talk about the personality of you idea or business and make it visually engaging. After all, first impressions are everything...

Design needs are endless. Just because you may not have a company or business of your own, doesn't mean you shouldn't work with a designer. I am a creative mind, not just one that clicks and types in front of the computer all day to make pretty shapes. 

I have always enjoyed being behind the lens. It naturally comes as a warm challenge to capture a feeling or observation some, may last less than a second, therefore I want to capture that texture, smell and color that jumps out.

Let's get you visually organized, with a look that translates with what you and your business are all about. Web presence is more important now than it ever has been. Whether we are working with an existing site or starting from scratch, working on platforms that are user friendly are my specialty!

Show Off!

"This is the second time that we have had the pleasure to work with Seamonster Studios and we couldn't be more pleased with Hannah! She has been more than amazing to help us with every aspect of branding both our businesses. Hannah is a wonderful artist with such creativity. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to that she made us feel comfortable with her understanding of exactly what we were both looking for as representation of our businesses. I own a Day Spa and Charles owns a Painting Company, both extremely different worlds and yet Hannah hit the nail on the head for both businesses so easily. Hannah is professional, organized and patient, exactly what we needed. We would highly recommend her services to any business owner." - Dawn Malaguti/ Owner Drift Spa